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We are dedicated ICT trainers, passionate to up-skill and enhance the employability and skill-ability of our learners, we help them develop their skills, deepen their ICT footprint and expand their mind.

Our industry designed and taught training programmes are built specifically with our trainee in mind – whether you want to kick start your digital/ICT career, gain a new skill or launch yourself into the workforce, there’s a flexible learning option for you.

Our trainees get the opportunity of networking, mentoring, and professionally guided by working ICT Professional experts in Web Design and Development, Digital Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and several others. In simple term: We train you to:

  • Develop professional websites, e-commerce, blogsite and Mobile Apps
  • Start marketing yuor websites and products and services to millions of people online
  • Set up a personal or business blog website and how you can generate money with it.
  • Get a well-paid job in the digital marketing field
  • Start and grow your own digital marketing agency
  • Make more money as an affiliate marketer or a freelancer
  • Start and grow an online or eCommerce business

Sessions are designed to highlight the key skills required for typical routes into the industry and we will give valuable insights into what employers look for when recruiting, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the sectors.


Free Training in Social Media Management

#EmpowerTech: Empowering youths through ICT for employability and job creation.

How to bring our Trainers to your Agency!

The EmpowerTech is a mobile training which is hosted on different platforms such as churches, companies, mosques, events, seminars, conferences, companies, schools, etc. You can essentially host us at little cost to your agency. We will train and give you the knowledge you need to thrive in business and career.

Advanced Training In Digital Marketing

(Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional)

The Advanced Training in Digital Marketing is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and strategies needed to run things across social media. The training is aimed at tremendously leveraging the internet to showcase business and services. This training would provide you insights about the various techniques of successful internet marketing plus the right tools that get the job done. Our 100% practical training will provide you will necessary skills on Website Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (AdWords/SEM/PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Display Marketing (Google Ad sense), Web Analytic’s, Email Marketing, Blogging, etc.

Career Prospects

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketer, Email Marketing Manager, Customer Relationship Manager

Advanced Training In Web Design & Development

Experience what makes a successful web designer and a developer, be part of our web design and development training. The extensive practical training is designed the easy way for easy understanding. Part of the topics to be discussed would be the important web page tools for web page creation. Some of them are: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Javascript and Adobe Fireworks. Furthermore, we would use CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, to build a great website.  Also to be taught are the steps involved in building a successful website plus the method of registering a domain name and choosing your hosting plan.

Career Prospects:

Web Designer, Web Administrator, Graphics Designer, Web Master

Advanced Training In Content Marketinhg

As they say, content is the fuel of all successful online businesses. Content is king. Content marketing is about creating, communicating and distributing information that are important to make your customers thrive in business. It is about telling a story that gets your customers whole attention through various channels. Such as: photo sharing on Instagram, blog post on the website, video sharing on YouTube and several other ways. The training would provide answers to the following questions: What is Content Marketing? What are the various types of content marketing? What are the strategies to creating great content? What are the tools necessary for creating different content? How do you share your content for effective result? Finally, how do you sell your brand, products and services through effective content marketing? These and several other questions you will get answers to when you attend the training.

Career Prospects:

Content Manager, Content Marketer, and Content Developer.